Here is a list of sweets giving you some ideas of what you may like on the sweet cart, but there are alot more besides, if there is something you would specifically like we will do all that we can to source it for you.


Black jacks                                                               

Cola bottles                                                              

Double headed worms                                              

Draculas teeth                                                           


Fruit salads

Fizzy cola bottles

Fizzy strawberry bricks

Friendship rings

Flying saucers

Foam mushrooms

Fun gum Pigs

Fried eggs

Fruity sharks

Fruity frogs

Giant strawberries

Haribo hearts

Haribo bears

Haribo bubble gum bottles

Haribo marshmallows

Icecream candy cones

Jelly stafish

Juicy lips

Jelly cherries

Jelly cherries (sour)

Milk bottles

Mini jelly babies


Peach hearts

Rhubarb and custard pencils


Sour apple slices

Strawberry tarts

Strawberry screws

Strawberry and cream pencils

Strawberry pencils

Sour Strawberries

Strawberry milkshake bottles

Sherbert straws

Swizzel fizzers

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